Meet with our Platform

After signing up to 2Gether Social which is a self-service platform, all you have to do is create a campaign and choose the most suitable influencer and media channel for you.


Global Influencer Network

You could contact hundreds of different influencers from many different countries with registering at our 2gether Social platform.

Always up to Date

The platform has a constantly renewing structure. You should update the titles you need from time to time!

Different Filters

When you are looking for the influencer you need on the platform, you could contact the person most suitable to you by using different filtering options.

Hundreds of Categories

Influencers are divided into different categories independently. So your job is pretty easy!

Influencer Page

You could access Influencer's own profile and reach the required audience breakouts.

Comparison Tool

Difficult to choose between several Influencer? Then try our comparison tool!

Recommend an Influencer for Me!

With this tool, you only determine a few parameters that are suitable for you. The system suggests the most suitable influencer for you.

Target Audience Analysis

Follower breakdowns are one of the biggest problems in influencer marketing. By comparing 2 influencers, you could choose the most correct influencer by looking at similar target audience percentages.

Live Indicators

You could reach cost comparisons as well as access and interaction figures of the published campaign.

Real Story Analysis

One of the biggest problems of Influencer marketing is transparency. You could safely use 2Gether Social which you could reach every information from he panel that comes from API data!

Budget Tracking

You could follow your live campaigns instant budget from a single indicator. Features such as rearranging budget transitions and distributions among your campaigns with different budgets are available in this panel.


You could access your daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports with a single click. Moreover, you could provide them periodically comparatively.





Self - Service

2Gether Social is first and foremost a self-service platform. Which is constantly stores your own data and could be used whenever you want.


You could give different powers to the people who will use the platform, such as managers, advertising experts and analysts.


The action taken by each user is logged in the background of the 2Gether Social platform.

Budget Breakdown

You could assign different budgets between users. With the budget given to 2 different users, you could follow the returns and reach a detailed performance analysis.



Targeting Options

Demographic Geographic
3rd Party Data
Social Media
Mobile Application

Campaign Metrics

Live Indicators

Ease of analyzing campaigns for different target groups and groups.

Budget Tracking

Campaign date range. Preferences like automatic termination and stopping.


Campaign cost models with CPC and CPV options.

Real Story Analysis

Specs that could be used in digital and social media. HTML5, social media, interactive banner, native, video, story, bumper.

What does it Bring?

2Gether Social does not request data from influencer by using manual methods. The platform automatically pulls data through an API. This provides an extra advantage in reporting. Influencer or agency cannot change numbers.

2Gether Social team comes together with influencer and brings the creative project needed brand in line with the brief. It empowers content with creative works by avoiding sharing only a post.

2Gether Social offers you the opportunity to compare influencers. Follower, target audience, region etc. It allows you to make detailed follower analysis with refractions.

2Gether Social communicates directly with hundreds of influencers. It provides quick solutions to possible problems by informing the brand about unexpected problems in advance.

2Gether Social offers the right person for the best price for its customers. Since it is in direct contact with the influencer, it will interfere with the 3rd party commissions that will intervene.